The ABove Physical Therapy clinic in Suwanee, Ga offers services that go beyond the traditional physical therapy clinic. We are constantly seeking innovative treatment techniques to bring you the best methods to help you to be your best.

Diana and Natalia Rivera

"We found trusted hands, excellence, kindness and a great environment in one place: ABOVE PHISICAL THERAPY. We thank God for people like you!! Thank-you!"

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ABove PT

Mission Statement


ABove Physical Therapy is dedicated to the pursuit of optimal physical rehabilitation, peak performance, injury prevention and general well-being. This is obtained with a “patient first” approach and delivering exceptional one on one care. At the core of our treatment is our full body evaluation, which guides us in finding underlying dysfunctions that cause the physical symptoms or pain. By using the latest manual and exercise therapy techniques, ABove Physical therapy will produce the most efficient and effective results for their clients. Our state of the art facility offers the community the opportunity to explore innovative exercise forms, Yoga, TRX, GYROTONIC® Method and Pilates, in addition to traditional exercise. ABove Physical Therapy will guide their clients through a personal wellness program that will maximize their future health and vitality.


“True life is lived when tiny changes occur.”

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