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At Above Physical Therapy, we don't have a jazzy television commercial or sing-along radio jingle, but our clients are talking about us!

"From an orthopedic boot to the dance floor, all with caring smiles, that's the story of my own voyage !! A fabulous team, with state of the art equipment and knowledge, a friendly and helpful staff that support all of the patient's need are the secrets of my happy recovery."
"Thank you, Above Physical Therapy !!!"

"I have been an active person for over 20 years - usually running, biking or swimming for at least 30 minutes daily and many days doing all three. In October 2002, after a routine bike ride I noticed some pain in my right ankle. Although I hardly ever got an injury, when I did, it usually resolved itself with 24 hours of rest but this was not the case for my ankle. In fact, the pain was increasing and other areas of my body began to hurt. Since fitness was a central part of my life, I sought medical attention as quickly as possible.
After thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of medical treatment, I was still left in pain and hopeless. The doctors and physical therapists said it was soft tissue and their treatments provided little if any relief. Many times, they wanted me to rest for long periods of time which resulted in further injuries, due to loss of muscle that helped stabilize other parts of my body, such as in my knees. Additionally, I was prescribed and purchased expensive orthotics that did not seem very helpful. Yet, I was not sure what else I could do. Thank God for your help! I am not sure exactly how it worked but it did. I am so grateful to the treatments that you provided. I was amazed at the results! I noticed an improvement following the session that gradually grew with time. Now, I am happy to say that I feel like an active person again. I whole heartedly recommend your physical therapy approach to anyone especially to people like me who were not getting results with traditional care.
Thank you again!"

"I met John Bove after having two shoulder surgeries spaced five months apart. As a result of these surgeries, I have severe nerve pain shooting down my arm. My pain doctor prescribed a number of different types of pain medications to control the pain so I could do physical therapy. The therapy helped my strength and flexibility, but did not help the nerve pain. I was beginning to wonder if I was ever again going to be able to do "normal" daily tasks needed to take care of myself and my family without feeling pain."
"By the end of the second visit with John, I knew something was different and realized I wasn't having as many 'jolts' as I used to. By the fourth session, there were gone completely and my family was noticing such a change in me. For example, I was happy again and doing little things I couldn't do before, and having everyone watch me do them because I was so excited. John has given me and my family the light at the end of the tunnel we were so desperately looking for. He is our lifesaver!"
"It has been such a pleasure meeting Maria-Elena and having her knowledge and skilled hands be a part of my healing process is an added bonus."

"I started playing hockey when I was four and now I race Porsches for a hobby so my body has been through a lot. Over the years, I've tried over a dozen specialists, physicians and chiropractors for help with leg pain and numbing. Not one of them was able to help me as Maria Elena and John have. They are excellent therapists and are committed to helping their clients."
"When I came to ABove Physical Therapy, I had had two surgeries and spent over a year seeing specialists and therapists. Walking had become so painful that I was looking into purchasing a wheelchair. Simply put, because of the treatment I received at ABove Physical Therapy, my life has returned pretty much to normal. Maria-Elena has been my therapist for the past year and has been painstaking in finding creative therapy techniques to help me. Her approach to working with only one client at a time and treating the entire body using a variety of methods has literally put me back on my feet. I always recommend to people that they seek treatment with ABove Physical Therapy because they are truly caring in addition to being great physical therapists."
"I am an informed client who is a gyrotonic instructor and has been exposed to several therapies in this field. I came to John after experiencing a recurring situation on my left side in my rib cage. I attempted to relieve the pain with chiropractic massages, but I felt like I needed a deeper therapy on an organ level. I first visited ABove in August 2009 and explained to John about my chronic situation and how much pain I was experiencing. I was very impressed by how much John listened and how intelligent and skillful the sessions were. John created a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, which allowed my body to yield to his therapy."
"I broke my elbow and had visited a "physical therapy factory" prior to my visits at ABove Physical Therapy. I was clearly one of many patients and did not revisit this location after having been left alone for the majority of the hour that I was there. I first met Maria-Elena at another practice where my daughter was being treated for scoliosis. I was excited to learn that Maria-Elena was opening her own practice near my home because I know that I would receive the proper care that I needed. At ABove, I receive one on one care in a relaxing and caring environment. Maria-Elena doesn't just focus on one part of my body, she understands that my injury affects my entire body and she treated me accordingly."
"I came to visit with John at ABove Physical Therapy because I was having some right shoulder pain. I play tennis three times a week, so it was important that I get better. After one treatment with John, not only did my shoulder feel better, but my posture improved. He guided me through the therapy and I felt very relaxed."
"I came to ABove Physical Therapy for pain starting in my neck and back all the way to my right butt. I had difficulty walking and I couldn't turn from side to side. I had trouble sleeping and I could not even drive. I am a former 6 time Bulgarian national JUDO champion and I was upset when I couldn't train. I visited John at ABove Physical Therapy. John performed body work on me for 1 and ½ hour. I felt a little relief immediately after the session. The pain lessened even more the next day. By the 3rd day, the pain was almost completely gone."
"I visited ABove Physical Therapy after I was involved in a car accident. I had pain in my low and upper back, my neck and my right shoulder. The staff was caring, thoughtful and outgoing. John, my PT, was very knowledgeable. I enjoyed the new exercises; the equipment was something I have never seen before. I was a patient with them for 7 months and I am much better than before."
"I am in my mid-60's and had been suffering from balance issues and shoulder pain on my left side. I have been doing GYROTONIC® once a week for the past year with John and have noticed a remarkable change. Not only has my balance improved, but my coordination and confidence have as well. I have the pleasure of caring for and chasing around my grandkids now without any worries!"
"John's talents are integrated and his knowledge deep. That is why I went to him, but it is moving to experience him in action. My goals are to maintain good health and to release the effects and memories of childhood abuse. He is helping me through craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation. My daughter, an energy and bodyworks practitioner who lives out of town, recommended him to me because he also does brain work and few people do. My requests of him have been different each time. He is able to help me in those specific areas and pick up on and treat so much more. I am deeply indebted to him for his skill and the sense of calm that comes (sometimes through a flood of tears, sometimes through deep breaths and smiles) with each healing. I knew I wanted something more than the acupuncture and massage therapy I had been doing for years as prevention and release with other practitioners and his combination of modalities is a profound experience. He is there to guide me through the trauma so it can be addressed and released once and for all. This is an indescribable thrill. So it is an understatement when I say he is definitely worth the drive up the expressway from Decatur!"
"Six months after having a spinal fusion last year my doctor released me to start physical therapy. I prayed for the Lord to lead me to the best and He led me to ABove Physical Therapy. When John started on me I couldn’t cross my left leg any higher than my ankle. John worked on my IT Band to the point where I could get it over my right knee, which enabled us to work on the periformis muscle that was still causing pain. Once I was able to start stretching the periformis the pain down my leg went away. John pushed me and recently I was able to go ice skating with my daughter and had no back pain or periformis trouble at all. I am even able to do the P90X intense work out that my surgeon recommended. In fact I feel better when I do the stretches John taught me and have a good work out. I thank God for and highly recommend John and his wonderful staff."

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