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Personal Physical Therapy Services

one on one physical therapy

When you walk into a traditional Physical Therapy Clinic you are often walking into a large, brightly lit room filled with exercise mats and equipment. But at ABove Physical Therapy, we want to offer you a better experience. You will work with your own physical therapist throughout your sessions and receive personal attention throughout your treatments. We have quiet, individual rooms for manual therapy and other services with the goal of maintaining you privacy and comfort through the course of your treatment.

At ABove Physical Therapy, we will take the time to listen to you and assess your condition accurately. Then, we will create and personally guide you through an individualized treatment plan that is challenging, efficient, and effective.

Patient Centered Approach

Our Physical Therapists are expertly trained in evaluation of human movement and body mechanics. We specialize in identifying and detecting muscle imbalances and joint dysfunctions that lead to injury. At the core of our patient centered approach is our full body evaluation, which guides us in finding underlying dysfunctions that cause the physical symptoms or pain. We then customize a treatment plan to meet your individual needs. We will assist you in restoring your function and achieving your goals while maximizing your future health and vitality.

What can you expect?

We completely understand that you might be nervous about your first physical therapy session. For your convenience we have patient and new client paper work on our website and we are also happy to email it to you. It is our goal to create the optimal environment for healing. From the moment you walk in, our front office staff are there to greet you and assist in you on your path toward recovery. They will give you a tour of our facility and help can answer your questions about insurance, scheduling, billing, etc.

What will my first appointment entail?

Your first visit will last approximately one hour. The physical therapist will review your medical history, diagnostic tests and any recent events that may have contributed to your current condition. Your first session will include a comprehensive evaluation by a licensed physical therapist. In this total body assessment you can expect an assessment of your current functional deficits, pain level, postural analysis, assessment of strength and flexibility, gait analysis, balance, movement analysis, and assessment of sports performance when appropriate. The physical therapist will discuss their finding with you and develop a plan of care. Communication between the patient and physical therapist is of utmost importance at ABove Physical Therapy and you are an active participant in your recovery. Please do not hesitate to ask your therapist questions.

When should I arrive?

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time in order to fill out any additional paperwork. Click here to download the initial paperwork here.

What should I wear to my session?

You should wear clothing that you feel comfortable moving in. Sweat pants, workout shorts or pants, and t-shirts are all perfectly acceptable. Pilates, Yoga, and Gyrotonic ® exercises are typically done in bare or sock feet. However, for physical therapy and TRX sessions, we request that you bring or wear athletic shoes.

What should I bring?

  • Photo Identification* (Valid Driver’s License, Valid State ID, School ID Card, or Valid Passport)
  • Prescription/Doctor Referral (not required on the first visit)
  • Insurance card

The services we offer at ABove Physical Therapy go beyond the traditional physical therapy clinic. We are constantly seeking innovative treatment techniques to expand our knowledge base in order to bring you exceptional care. We understand you have many options for your rehabilitation, but we believe you will find the quality of care and level of personal attention provided at ABove Physical Therapy to be unsurpassed.

The services we offer at ABove Physical Therapy goes beyond the traditional physical therapy clinic. We are constantly seeking innovative treatment techniques to bring you the best methods to help you to be your best.

If you have any questions about our services, call us today at 770-904-2332, or email us.