TRX, Suspension Training

TRX Training is a form of suspension-based exercise. Originating from traditional gymnastics training, but adapted by a wide variety of populations, suspension training can be used in nearly all types of training and rehab programs. TRX can be used for specific target area training as well as for core strengthening, joint strengthening, integrity, and mobilization.

By implementing the basic principles of physics and the natural law of gravity, suspension training allows you to control the resistance created by your body weight to promote and preserve physical fitness. The equipment is extremely versatile, giving you the ability to perform hundreds of different exercises. Its adjustable nature allows for the intensity of exercise to be adapted for everyone from the most novice participant to elite level athletes. Because of its design, the TRX is a highly effectively tool for building core strength, balance, and improving athletic performance.

Regardless of the goal, this form of Suspension Training can help to reach and maintain your fitness goals.

Benefits of TRX:

  • Portable and versatile
  • For people of all fitness levels
  • Low Impact
  • Focus on Core Strengthening
  • Fast and effective full-body workout
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness

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Private TRX Sessions (45 minutes)

Semi-Private TRX Sessions (45 minutes)

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