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Pre/Post Natal Pilates

pre and post natal pilates suwanee ga

Pilates is a holistic form of exercise with an emphasis on developing body awareness, core strength, proper breathing, flexibility and posture. It is a safe and effective form of exercise to help maintain or build whole-body strength, prevent or treat low back pain, as well as increase the strength of the muscles that assist with labor and recovery. Pilates may include mat-work (involving minimal or no equipment), or Pilates equipment such as the Reformer, Cadillac, Pilates chair, or the Ladder Barrel. At ABove Physical Therapy, we often also use specific accessories that help expecting mothers to be more comfortable on the equipment and avoid positions that may be potentially harmful to her or her child.

Post-natally, new mothers can use Pilates as a way to regain their “pre-baby bodies” through safe and gradual development of strength, flexibility and endurance.

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