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Though yoga has been rapidly gaining popularity over the last decade in the United States, the ancient practice has been used for centuries as a form of unifying and cleansing the body, spirit, and mind. At ABove Physical Therapy, we offer private yoga sessions performed by a licensed physical therapist. Whether you are seeking a restorative and therapeutic practice, or a more challenging and energetic yoga experience, we are dedicated to helping you attain your personal physical and mental wellness goals. Yoga is a safe, and effective form of exercise for people of all levels of health, and can be adapted for people with various health conditions including chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, and neurologic conditions.

Yoga is also a wonderful practice for women who are pregnant, as it teaches integration of breath with movement, and helps to prepare an expectant mother’s mind and body for labor. Because our yoga sessions are performed by a licensed physical therapist, it may be possible to combine yoga and physical therapy sessions

If you are currently suffering from a physical health condition.

Private Yoga Sessions

  • Single: $90
  • Series of 5: $400 (Savings of $50)
  • Series of 11: $900 (Get 1 free)
  • Series of 23: $1800 (Get 3 free)

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