treatment for Osteoporosis, physical therapy

Osteoporosis and osteopenia are health conditions of low bone density due to the abnormal breakdown or deterioration of bony tissue. These conditions can lead to an increased risk of fractures in the affected areas- especially the hips, wrists, and spine.

Though men may also develop osteoporosis, women are often more at risk. The process of bone deterioration often happens gradually, and may or may not occur with associated symptoms.

Low bone density is more common in an aging population, but may also occur in young to middle-aged individuals who have certain health conditions or body structure that increases their susceptibility to the disease. It is important to discuss the possible risks and have your bone density evaluated by an appropriate healthcare practitioner over the course your lifetime.

How can physical therapy help?

Though appropriate nutritional counseling, and potentially medication, may be part of an individual’s comprehensive treatment for osteoporosis, moderate (and safe) exercise has also been proven to be beneficial to slow or prevent the progression of bone loss. Specifically recommended are weight-bearing and resistance exercises. It is often recommended that exercise be supervised for a period of time to ensure that the individual uses appropriate technique, as well as avoids exercises that could increase the risk of fractures (such as movements requiring spinal flexion or forward bending). It is also important that individuals with low bone density learn healthy postural habits, as poor posture may also increase the chances of spinal fractures over long periods of time.

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