treatment for tailbone pain, coccydynia, physical therapy

Coccydynia, more commonly known as tailbone pain, refers to pain in or around the area of the tailbone. Pain in this area often makes sitting uncomfortable, therefore greatly limiting an individual’s ability to drive, sit for meals, or work at an occupation that requires long periods of deskwork.

People with tailbone-related pain may also have pain during intercourse or have difficulty having a bowel movement. The causes of coccydynia are widespread, but often involve some trauma to the tailbone such as a fall or following childbirth.

How Physical Therapy Treats Tailbone Pain

Physical therapists can help treat patients with coccydynia through a variety of methods. Though the specific techniques will depend on the individual, treatment often includes manual therapies to help release the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis, gentle stretching, modalities to reduce pain and inflammation, and exercises or postural correction.


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